Sunflower man: Updated

Published May 7, 2014 by fernebryan

Sunflower man: Updated

I used the pen tool to draw around Sunflower Man’s features and clicked control and left clicked inside the bit I just drew around. I filled the path in then selected the colour I wanted to fill with. Sometimes I would click colour then go and click on the body part so that it stays the exact same shade and colour. After clicking OK I then deleted the path and it left me with a filled in character which was more cartoon like. However, the contouring is gone so looks less 3D.

Sunflower man: Final touches

Published April 29, 2014 by fernebryan

Sunflower man: Final touches

I began to colour in my characters figure using the paintbrush tool and then clicking on the colour I wanted for each body part. This gives the drawing a more animated touch and will give a 3D effect when i’ve shaded it. I also rubbed out any of the annotations that I made, then realising I could of just put a white rectangle over the image and moved the layer so it was underneath…

Superhero pose manipulated:

Published April 25, 2014 by fernebryan

Superhero pose manipulated:

This is a student in my class who I asked to pose like my superhero and I printed it and drew over it to adjust the character so it looked for like Sunflower Man. Here is the finished piece. I used coloured pens to create this overall representation of my superhero which is colourful.


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