My superhero 2

Published April 4, 2014 by fernebryan

My superhero 2

The facial features of the character show that he’s a happy but he does not look innocent or girly. He appears very masculine and strong with a stocky torso, muscly arms and legs and a head which is in proportion to his body. I used the light box to trace over various parts of different pieces of characters but I drew the hose, basket, hair, belt and boots myself by freehand. The clothes are far more superhero like and with a logo of a sunflower on his top is like a real superhero. The colour scheme is block colours but they’re very bright and summer like to show his powers. This will attract a younger target audience of unisex. He’s wearing brown gardening gloves to show what he does and the hose is spraying red water which is poisonous. The basket is smaller and easier to carry around and I made the basket smaller to make his body and muscles appear larger. His pose suggests strength but is still very simple due to his newly found skills and powers which he still hasn’t learnt to control. He’s more human like. I thought it looked good and the drawing skills improved due to the help of the light box and I like the fact i’ve labelled everything so you can see what’s what.

Sunflower man

Published April 1, 2014 by fernebryan

Sunflower man

Rueben was an average child living a perfectly normal life with his loving family and a nice home. His mother and father, Gretchen and Eugene, loved him very much and spoilt him frequently as after all, he was their only child. Gretchen and Rueben visited a garden centre one day as she wished to stock up on flowers for the summer coming. She let Rueben pick the biggest and best sunflower he could find. However, years before, there was an alien attack. The aliens arrived at planet Earth wanting to cause mischief so they began to curse all the plants on the planet to kill off the oxygen cycle and leave the world in a carbon dioxide bomb just waiting to explode. Unexpectedly the human race did not back down. The army managed to destroy every alien on Earth and restore all the plants back to normal but it wasn’t until now that the truth of a certain plant pot was about to be exposed. When Rueben was young he fell into the sunflower pot that him and his Mother bought at the garden centre without realising that this one plant pot will change his life as he knew it…forever. After his fall, Rueben began to have a fever, he began to shake and not feel quite himself. After a couple of days off school it came apparent to his parents there was something seriously wrong but no doctor could identify the sudden illness. Over the period of a few weeks Rueben started to feel a horrifying pain in his right hand but against his parents will he decided to not visit a hospital and wait it out. By morning the most shocking spell had been cast upon him. He turned into something he never knew he could become, he had a new identity, he was a whole new person he was…sunflower man.

The instant concern that Rueben had was what would Winter think of him? Winter was the love of his life, the stars to his moon, the pumpkin to his pie and the rain to his sun. But now he feared that Winter would be fearful of his new appearance. After years and years of trying to impress her at the age of 15 in the Summer of 2014 Winter fell in love…but not with him…with some punk called Keir. Rueben could almost feel his heart break. This feeling of jealousy, anger and frustration flooded through his body and he didn’t know what to do. The next year was Sunflower man’s year. He was going to win Winter back, even if it meant a battle between himself and Keir. As long as there’s stars in the sky, he will never stop loving Winter…but  what will be the sacrifice?

My first character is the man on the top right. He’s slightly muscular with a boney, slim face and you could tell he was attractive before he turned. His facial expression is a slight smirk which may show his secret confidence of winning Winter back. His eyes are slightly creased but he has no wrinkles to show his youth. He’s very human like other than his odd features like his sunflower feet, hose hand and ever lasting basket of seeds. He has stocky shoulders and shapely legs to show strength and power but the look on his face looks evil, slim and un clear. I’ve made his arms shorter because he needed room to have his hands removed to have his hose and basket attached. His clothes are really simple and almost nerdy which goes against his strong appearance. It’s very child friendly so I would think the target audience would be very young and unisex. I chose bright summer like colours to represent his powers and his name which also connects to the target audience. The pose is standard as he’s just standing, this was portray that he’s still new to his powers and he’s a ordinary guy at heart. It’s child like colouring which could show the target audience and that it’s child friendly. They’re block colours so it’s easy to replicate. I drew the character with pencil then coloured it in with colouring pencils choosing the brightest colours. I used the light box to trace a part of the torso and neck/collar bones but the rest I drew free style. My favourite part is the collar bones and legs and my least favourite is the head shape as it doesn’t seem in proportion to the rest of the body. I could improve the drawing skills, colouring in properly and practicing drawing various heads.

I also drew a close up of the basket to practice various colour schemes for the object.

The character below on the right is a view from the back of my character but slightly changed to a skinnier, less scary and more metrosexual. He has a more stylish sense of clothes which may be seen as a weakness as it’s girly. His arms are longer and legs are shorter and he has very little muscle to show he’s lanky and weak. His powers are from within and not from strength. Again, it’s very bright colours used for a target audience of younger children and perhaps more girls. His wearing a hat to show his girly side and his basket is pink. The sketch was quickly drawn so the drawing skills are quite bad but the idea of the character is still well represented and you can still infer ideas of how I wanted this character to be portrayed. He’s more human like by wearing boots instead of flower feet and no sunflower petals around his head. I drew this free hand and used my imagination to create a profile for me to draw. I think the drawing skills could of been a lot better but overall the colour scheme and pose are still clear.

Lastly the character on the bottom left is the character backwards facing forwards. His pose suggests an optimistic and calm character who doesn’t seem evil or bad at all. I drew him free style with nothing to copy. The colour scheme and target audience are the same as i’ve mentioned before and the changed I mentioned in the previous paragraph. His facial expression seems relaxed and joyful and the glasses add innocence to his profile. I overall prefer my top left character.


Super villain: Doctor doom

Published March 7, 2014 by fernebryan

Super villain: Doctor doom

The colour scheme once again is green. Doctor doom wears a green cape and a silver metallic suit underneath a green robe. I think these colours were selected to make it clear that he’s a villain and he causes evil as green is a gross colour associated with evil. Green also represents jealously which may indicate that the villains are jealous of the superheros. The style of drawing is very cartoon like and 2D. The character isn’t human like as it looks like a robot which symbolizes strength. The proportion makes him look really strong and large. His head looks slightly smaller to make his body look larger. You can tell this character is evil due to his mysterious appearance. The facial expression is very blank which leaves the question; who is he?

His powers are…
Mystical Blasts
Mystical Force-fields
Invoke Entities
Spell Casting
Dimensional Travel
Mystical Ensnaring
Mystical Portals

Doctor Doom’s most dangerous weapon is his genius-level intellect. He is easily one of the top mortal minds on the planet. Doom has constructed hundreds of devices, including a working time machine (the first of its kind on Earth), devices which can imbue people with superpowers, and many types of robots. The target audience is for younger to older depending how far you look into who he really is and the general story line. This is because he doesn’t look as creepy as the joker but you can still tell he’s a villain. I like this character because his outfit represents him well as well as carrying out the typical green which isn’t very original but very symbolic. Most of the villains appeared to have lairs to keep their equipment/costumes/victims in. This is where they can be themselves.

Super villain: Doctor octopus

Published March 7, 2014 by fernebryan

Super villain: Doctor octopus

The colour scheme for doctor octopus is green which seems to be a recurring colour in villains. He has 4 electronic arms as well as the 2 of his own hence the name ‘octopus’. His character is human like with robotic features which gives the impression he’s unbeatable and powerful as he has extra limbs, also, because they’re electronic they’re more powerful. He comes across as big but not toned. His electronic arms give him the power to lift things, have extra strength and even kill. This outfit is very unique as I haven’t seen anything where a superhero or villain only has part of a costume. The target audience is for a younger age as once again he isn’t too scary. I like the design of the four electronic arms and the fact it’s only part of a suit yet still gives him so much power, it’s unusual and powerful.

His powers include:
-Moving very quickly
-Climb any surface (spider like)
-Arms are extendable
-Worlds leading authority on nuclear radiation and its effect on animal physiology.
-A brilliant engineer and inventor, he is also a great charismatic leader.
-Can lift up to 3 tons.

Super villain: Joker

Published March 7, 2014 by fernebryan

Super villain: Joker

The colour scheme is very mix and match and do not compliment each other well; the colours are purple, green, red and a white face with red lips. This gives the impression he is very mix and match himself and potentially evil. The appearance he portrays is almost cartoon like which could mean he wants to look like a fictional character because it does look slightly creepy. By looking this way people instantly know that he is a villain. The character is human like but has face paint and dyed hair in a purple suit. His facial expression does seem to be a constant smile which adds to the pleasure he gets out of being evil and hurting others. He doesn’t appear strong, tough or toned. In fact he looks quite weak and skinny from a distance as he uses the mind to trick people which is almost more evil.

His powers include:
-Immunity to poison
-Immunity to fear and others controlling him
-He has poisonous blood
-Very high IQ
-He knows batmans secret identity and has never told
-He survived a gun shot to the head
-He’s rich
-He looks scary
-He has a high tolerance to pain
-He can think of plans very quickly and efficiently
-He’s very swift

The outfit is a deep purple suit which looks unusual and ugly which represents himself as a ‘bad guy’. The target audience is slightly older as the joker is rather creepy and more evil. They used to say it was the chemicals that made him that way, but in Batman Confidential & the Dark Knight movie, he was always a schizophrenic sociopath. He has no personal loyalties, no conscious, & is believed by many to be an anarchic atheist with no morals or respect for laws to restrain him. The Joker would kill anyone who dared kill Batman; only he is allowed to someday have that honor.  He also doesn’t mind if Batman kills him, because if Batman ever killed, the Joker would still win. The Joker said that Batman is his opposite & that he never stops being fun to torment. Plus he knows that Batman is just as crazy as the rogues in Arkham & would love to see him snap one day. In the comics, he knows Batman’s identity, but regards Bruce as a false personality. “Batman is his true face” is what he always says.

I like this character because he’s so cruel and creepy looking who really does present himself as a villain.




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